December 21 and 22

On December 21 and 22 , 2017, 15 teachers of the college took part in the seminar “Girl, woman and mother”, organized by the foundation “Жандану алеми” of Aliya Nazarbaeva.

“Self-knowledge “

On December 22, 2017, the trainers of the JSK NCOE “Орлеу” IFAS PR in the city of Astana Natalia Klimenko and Gulnara Dauletnbaeva attended classes of the teachers of the subject “Self-knowledge ” Tulemisova G.E. , Zhalmaganbetova K.K . Teachers received good feedback, wishes and recommendations of colleagues.

“Successful Manager – 2017”

On December 7 – 8, the third stage of the Republican contest of heads of educational organizations “Successful Manager – 2017” was held in Almaty. Astana was represented by the director of the Humanitarian College AdilkhanShaimagambetovichZhusupov, who took part in all 6 contest assignments:

  1. Interactive presentation of the participant “I am a successful leader”
  2. Project protection: “Modern model of successful organization of education”
  3. Methodical exhibition
  4. The decision of administrative situations
  5. Essay on the topic: “The modern leader: the formula for success”
  6. Video “My achievements in management”

We congratulate AdilkhanShaimagambetovich on his successful participation and winning III place in the Republican contest “Successful manager – 2017”! We wish you creative success and new achievements!