31 – “Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression”

On May 17, 2018, in order to familiarize with the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, on May 31 – “Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression” students of the 1st year of the specialty “Primary Education” visited the Museum and Memorial Complex “Algeria” organized by teachers of history Seydalykyzy D, Kenzhebekova MB , Kakenova E.T. Algeria was the largest concentration camp in the USSR for the wives of traitors to the Motherland and their children. The museum-memorial complex consists of several museum objects. On May 31, 2007, the memorial complex was opened on the territory of the former Alger camp in memory of those who fell victim to Stalin’s repressions. Students really enjoyed visiting the museum. The excursion to the museum contributed to the instilling of patriotic upbringing in the students. At the conclusion of the excursion, the students were shown a documentary film “Fierce cold of ALGERIA”. The film narrates about the events of those years. Female prisoners and their children talk about what they had to go through.