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Republican online seminar organized within the framework of the Decade on the specialty «Preschool education and training»

On October 15, 2020, the humanitarian College of the Nur-Sultan city akimat held a Republican online seminar “innovative processes in preschool organizations” within the framework of the Decade of the specialty” Preschool education and training”.

The online seminar was held in the Google Meet format. The purpose of the seminar: exchange of experience on updated educational programs and innovative processes among teachers of the Humanities College who train personnel and social partners to improve the professional skills of teachers of preschool organizations.

The seminar was attended by the head of the Department of preschool education and training of the Republican center “preschool childhood” MES RK Ermanova M. N., head of the Department of preschool education and social pedagogy of KazNPU. Abai, Ph. D., Professor Kiekbaev±…, associate Professor, Ph. D. Toleshova W. B., senior lecturer, Ph. D., Aubakir Swamps, PhD student she graduated from S. J., associate Professor of “Pedagogy and psychology” Taraz regional University. M. H. Dulati, p. R. kerimbayeva K., representatives of preschool institutions G. Nur-Sultan, teacher of the highest category of kindergarten No. 7 “Akku” G. K. Mukazhanova, College teachers and 4th year students. A total of 101 people took part. At the Republican online seminar, reports of all participants were heard, the audience showed interest in the updated content of preschool education and new pedagogical processes, asked questions, and gave comprehensive answers. There was an exchange of experience between preschool education specialists. The Republican online seminar was held at a high level.

ENPF opened the doors to young visitors

November 20, 2018 in the branch of JSC “UAPF” Astana held an “Open Day on the theme” Available UAPF for all investors. 436 people visited it. For the first time, along with investors and recipients, the foundation invited high school students and students to the event. As the deputy director of the branch A.Nietov explained, the fund pays special attention to the formation of financial literacy and a culture of retirement planning for the younger generation. Read more


Admission Committee of the Humanitarian college was opened on the 20th of June at 9:00 am. There were applicants and their parents, members of the Admission committee and employees.

Social health insurance system

On June 21, 2018 at the SCSE Humanitarian College of the City Administration of Astana , an event was held to explain the purpose, principles of the mandatory social health insurance system. The conversation was conducted by the head of the department’s In-Career Development of the Higher Medical College Kusmambetova D. T., speakers Balchih B., Jantemirova E.K. and 125 teachers and staff of the college took part in the event. Organizers during the conversation answered the questions of the participants.

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