Admission Committee of the Humanitarian college was opened on the 20th of June at 9:00 am. There were applicants and their parents, members of the Admission committee and employees.

Social health insurance system

On June 21, 2018 at the SCSE Humanitarian College of the City Administration of Astana , an event was held to explain the purpose, principles of the mandatory social health insurance system. The conversation was conducted by the head of the department’s In-Career Development of the Higher Medical College Kusmambetova D. T., speakers Balchih B., Jantemirova E.K. and 125 teachers and staff of the college took part in the event. Organizers during the conversation answered the questions of the participants.

Madieva Aisulu Tuhsinbaevna

18 May  2018 in 13:10 in a 308 cabinet ofinformatics an open lesson is conducted on an informaticswith the students of group of   217 kd  speciality “Preschool education” within the framework   Read more

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